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Michigan 1864

The Civil War rages on as the remnants of families from the North and the South are torn apart forever.

Tragedy befalls Karalee’s family with the death of her beloved brother, then her father; both lost to the war. She and Mother must make their way alone.

Karalee’s Mother, a devout Southerner, expects her to marry well. Without the men in her family, Karalee must choose between two suitors: the man she loves or the man who will give her Mother the life she is accustomed to.

One choice will reveal her secret mission. The other will destroy it.

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December 1865

The Civil War has finally ended. Cities now begin the process of reconstruction while families learn to live without husbands, fathers, and sons.

Karalee must keep the promise she made at her Mother’s bedside: return Mama to her beloved childhood home. At the first sign of spring, no matter how torn up the South is, Mother says they are leaving for Charleston.

She wonders where she belongs: In Cassopolis where she was born with the precious memories in Father’s house or in Charleston, starting a new life?

What will become of her fragile relationship with Jackson? Karalee remembers his tender kiss but fears their newfound understanding is unraveling.

If she leaves, will he follow?

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